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At Concentra, we are committed to making things easy and accessible for our clients who are seniors. We want to ensure that we have communication materials that meet the needs of seniors and their unique needs.

For tips on how to enhance your browsing experience on our website see Accessibility at Concentra.

Feedback and Requests

We believe everyone should have equal access to services and information. Concentra always strives to do better. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our client support representatives if you need publicly available information, accessible product and service information, or if you have feedback for us on how we can further improve accessibility:

Email (

Resources and Financial Literacy

Concentra - Accessibility at Concentra
  • Tips on making your browser experience more accessible and how to contact us for more accessible information

Canadian Bankers Association - About Your Money Seniors

  • a free financial education seminar program for Canadian seniors

Government of Canada - What every older Canadian should know about Powers of Attorney and Joint Bank Accounts

  • a brochure explaining the benefits and risks of Power of Attorneys and Joint Bank Accounts

Annual Report

The Code of Conduct for the Delivery of Banking Services to Seniors (the Code) was introduced in July 2019. Concentra Bank adopted the Code to better serve and meet the needs of our senior customers. The Code requires that Banks must publish an annual report on the steps taken to support each principle of the Code and other steps taken to improve the delivery of banking services to seniors.