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Estates and Trusts

Member Solutions

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Our team provides exceptional service for all clients regardless of their net worth or unique situation. We are committed to finding the right solution, no matter how complex the circumstance.

We offer your members:

  • expert guidance and non-legal advice and assistance at a time of grieving
  • professional asset administration
  • mitigation of personal liability for individual executors
  • help when family members are not local, willing or able to act
  • impartial administration for complex family dynamics, and
  • longevity of trustee relationship where required.


Executors and Estate Administration

Executor EASE a flexible, affordable solution that assists executors to understand and conduct the duties and responsibilities of administering an estate.

Estate Planning

The estate planning process helps your members make informed decisions about the ownership and distribution of assets during their lifetime and upon death.

Estate planning is often the first step in the preparation of a properly drafted will. Concentra will work with members, advisors and lawyers to ensure that as part of the estate planning process, a member’s wishes and intentions are accurately reflected. Some areas where Concentra Trust can be of assistance include acting as agent for an Executor or Trustee, as the Corporate Executor or Co-executor in a Will or as a Trustee in a trust arrangement to hold and safeguard assets for a beneficiary.


Concentra has been acting as a corporate trustee for credit unions and their members for over 60 years. We have the regulatory capacity and expertise to:

  • safeguard assets
  • administer assets and distribute income or capital in accordance with terms of the trust
  • report on all transactions and administration activities.