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Recognition Counts (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Offered in partnership with SEED Winnipeg, the Recognition Counts program helps skilled immigrants obtain the credentials they need to work in their trades or professions here in Canada. The program provides financial and career counselling as well as loans of up to $10,000 to help with the cost of having international qualifications recognized in Manitoba.

Community Hot Meal Program (Antigonish, Nova Scotia)
By providing supplies and time off for staff volunteers, Bergengren Credit Union is one of seven teams that prepares and serves hot lunches for the Community Hot Meal Program. Each week another team, of volunteers comes together with their labour and supplies to feed the approximately 65 community members in need.

Financial Literacy for Youth (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
In partnership with 'Centres de la petite enfance et de la famille' (CPEF), the Financial Literacy for Youth program reaches out to preschool children (and their parents) about the importance of being (and raising) a financially responsible child. Focused on early childhood development, CPEFs are free resource centers that offer various programs about childhood nutrition and health.

The Food Leadership & Making Sense Financial Management Program (Regina, Saskatchewan)
This is a personal financial management program that recognizes the distinct challenges of trying to balance the day-to-day realities of living in poverty with making solid choices in the areas of both finances and nutrition. Conexus staff will be engaged to provide program delivery in both a classroom and online setting. Up to 200 individuals per year will be able to participate and, while anyone is welcome, the target audience is primarily clients of the Regina Food Bank as well as individuals who have been referred through human services agencies.

Housing First - "Build Kenora strong, one home at a time." (Kenora, Ontario)
Housing First is a recovery-oriented approach to ending homelessness by first providing permanent housing and then additional supports and services as needed. The build project began in autumn of 2014. The Kenora Task Force, a group of more than 35 organizations, will continue to prioritize what types of housing (e.g. supportive, low income, transitional, assisted senior and social addiction housing) should be created to best serve the needs of the community.

Playground Project (Tisdale, Saskatchewan)
The Tisdale Elementary School Community Council’s immediate goal is to secure funding and volunteers to replace the existing playground equipment as it no longer meets safety standards. This playground benefits the entire community and promotes active living. Children of all ages in Tisdale and the surrounding area use the playground during school and for after school sporting activities.

IWK Telethon (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia)
The IWK Health Centre is a world-class facility that provides quality care to women, children, youth and families in the Maritimes and beyond. In addition to supporting educational opportunities for health professionals and other learners, the centre is also engaged in leading-edge research and promoting healthy lifestyles for families. A telethon has been conducted in support of IWK every year since 1985 and this year, as in the past, East Coast Credit Union will contribute both volunteers and funds to the cause.

New Concession Booth (Edgerton, Alberta)
In the village of Edgerton the Sports Association is working to replace the beyond-repair concession structure at the sports grounds. Having a clean and functional kitchen and concession facility will improve the quality of the events and potentially increase the number and type of events that can be hosted. This is a bonus not only for Edgerton but also surrounding communities.

Support Your Girls (Quesnel, British Columbia)
Support Your Girls raises awareness about the importance of early detection in the successful treatment of breast cancer. The campaign, started in 2011, is working to raise funds for the purchase of a digital mammography unit for the GR Baker Memorial Hospital. The current analog unit is outdated and will become obsolete. A digital mammography unit it more efficient and it can transmit images for remote consultation.

Raise the Roof - Rink Rebuild Project (LeRoy, Saskatchewan)
LeRoy, a community of 550, lost their rink to fire in May of 2013. The rink was a gathering point in the winter for many family events and was utilized by almost everyone in the community and surrounding area. A steering committee is in the process of fundraising and designing a replacement facility.

Remit Now, Pay Later (Toronto, Ontario)
Luminus launched the Remit Now, Pay Later program to serve the growing Filipino market in Ontario. Newcomers often face the challenge of building a financial history in a new country. The program offers a credit line and an affordable remittance service to send money now and pay later without costly payday loans and anonymous remittance agencies. This helps individuals to solidify their financial base in Canada while still supporting family and friends back home.

Daycare Expansion (Esterhazy, Saskatchewan)
Due to an increase in local population, the Esterhazy Community Daycare Co-operative needs to expand from 40 to 75 places. The non-profit relies on community support for this expansion which will also include paving the parking lot. The availability of daycare is very important to miners and tradespeople who are considering relocating to Esterhazy.

Co-operative Housing for Seniors (Dryden, Ontario)
The Dryden Seniors Co-operative Housing project aims to create 20 affordable condo-style residences for seniors to meet a growing need in the community. Such accommodations will provide a more care-free environment for seniors who can downsize, remain in their home community and not have to worry about navigating stairs, having someone cut the grass or shovel the snow.

Seniors Housing Complex (Oakbank, Manitoba)
Springfield Place is an exciting new housing option for seniors needing affordable, safe and comfortable lodging and care. It opened in the fall of 2014, and is home to rural citizens living in the RM of Springfield and the Eastern region of the province. A volunteer group is fundraising to assist in the completion and furnishing of a full kitchen facility within the complex.

Highway Rescue Vehicle (Revelstoke, British Columbia)
Revelstoke is located on the TransCanada Highway between Kamloops and Golden in the midst of a busy 200 mile stretch of difficult terrain. The local Fire Department and First Responders save many lives and they need a replacement highway rescue vehicle to help them continue carrying out this valuable work.

Unity Credit Union Aquatic Centre (Unity, Saskatchewan)
The outdoor pool in Unity has outlived its useful life and this growing community is raising funds to build a new facility. Construction began in 2014 based on funds raised to date. The aquatic centre will provide an excellent recreational facility to be enjoyed by the entire community. The beach style pool will allow for use by the elderly and the physically challenged.

Status4 (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Status4 delivers music and arts programs that engage at-risk and under-served youth in the community. The organization helps them to develop life skills, confidence, and achieve personal growth so they can lead healthy lifestyles. Status4 provides at-risk youth with the opportunity to celebrate their individuality, achieve their untapped potential and contribute back to the community through their performances. Status4 is the police call sign for “Officer on the scene”.

Create a Co-op Challenge (Ottawa, Ontario)
The province-wide Create a Co-op Challenge was launched by the Ontario Co-operative Association and promotes the development of business start-ups via the co-operative model. Candidates record a short video describing their business idea, finalists are selected via social media, and finally, they are invited to present their ideas to the judges in front of credit union leaders. Your Credit Union is a title sponsor. Entrepreneurship, teamwork, public speaking, and co-operative awareness are some of the key benefits of this initiative