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Leasing Solutions


Concentra is your number one partner in commercial equipment leasing and financing. We work with credit unions large and small to offer competitive deal structures and attractive pricing for your members.

Concentra offers a wide range of equipment leasing and financing solutions designed to assist you in competing and keeping your members’ business. Since 1998, our leasing services have provided a third option to cash and bank financing to acquire the equipment needed for businesses to succeed and grow. That experience has made us experts in commercial equipment leasing and financing.

We do business from coast to coast, so pretty much anywhere you’re located in Canada, we can do business together.

Equipment leasing provides your members with flexibility. Leases can be structured to the specific needs and cash flow cycle of any business. Leasing delivers value to your members as it minimizes the cash or line of credit required, maintaining their ability to respond to business challenges as they arise.

We’re committed to the needs of your members. We want to make applying for and managing leases as quick and easy as possible. We invest heavily in customer service and support, boasting a state-of-the-art leasing system.

Why offer Concentra leasing solutions at your credit union?

Benefits to your credit union:

  • Earn margin on funded lease transactions.
  • Earn origination fees based on the cost of the equipment
  • Manage member concentration levels. Concentra can purchase and/or syndicate transactions to Concentra and/or other partners
  • Equipment Leasing handles all the lease administration from application, documentation, PPSA, tax remittance, payment collection, etc.
  • Consistent with the strategy of becoming a ONE STOP financial service provider to your members
  • Opportunity to establish and strengthen relationships with local businesses

Benefits to your members:

  • Cash flow advantage
    • Leasing provides higher percentage financing (up to 100%)
    • Lower payments due to end of term residual value
  • ‘Off balance sheet’ lending that does not interfere with established credit
  • Taxes are not paid in advance. They are paid on each rental payment during the term of the lease
  • Access to the latest equipment and technology which enhances productivity
  • Possible tax savings; encourage your member to seek professional advice.