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ANNOUNCEMENT - Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Upgrade to Concentra website

Please share this information with the appropriate staff in your credit union.

Concentra is 100% committed to credit union success. As part of our ongoing promise to provide exceptional service for Canadian credit unions, we are upgrading our web server software and simplifying our address. Beginning on Monday, March 7, you will find us at

Website outage

To facilitate the upgrades, Concentra’s website will be unavailable between Friday, March 4 at 5:00 pm CST and Sunday, March 6 at 11:59 pm CST.

What this means for credit unions and partner organizations

Services and solutions you regularly access via the Concentra website, including product support information, forms, manuals, reference materials and webinars, as well as information contained in secure file exchanges will not be available during the scheduled downtime.

If your credit union or organization requires access to any product support information or files during the planned website outage, please download local copies in advance.

To download local copies of a document from the Concentra web page:

  1. Right click on the link to the document,
  2. Select "Save target (or link) as …" function,
  3. Choose the location where the file should be saved,
  4. Select "Save".


Please note: during normal business operations, Concentra’s web site always holds the most current version of these documents therefore; we don’t typically recommend using local copies. If you download local copies for use during the planned service outage, please delete those copies on Monday, March 7 and continue accessing the most recent version from

Updating your links

On Monday, March 7 and beyond, requests for will be automatically redirected to our new homepage at We encourage all users to update their bookmark or favorite settings to reflect the new Concentra URL. In addition, any credit unions and other partner organizations with a link on their site to the Concentra site, should adjust those links to account for the new URL.

Users who have links to specific pages within the Concentra site can update those links on or after March 7 by simply removing ‘financial’ from the URL. For example: %20Us&sub=Careers
should be updated to:

If you don’t update your specific Concentra URLs, you will be directed to Concentra’s new homepage where you will be able to navigate to your desired content. We have endeavored to automatically update our most popular content items, but do recognize we cannot account for every possible linkage you may have. Thank-you for your understanding and patience, it is appreciated.

Who to contact for help

We’ve made every effort to ensure our web migration minimizes disruption for our clients. Should you run into trouble or find a broken link on or after Monday, March 7 please let us know so we can make a quick correction. We appreciate your patience during this transition!