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Site Changes and Enhancements

Please note the following differences with changes apply to the password-protected side of our site):

  1. Font size
    The font size on the secure side of the site has been increased to improve legibility and match the previously increased font size on the public side of the site.

  2. Links to still exist; we're working on getting rid of them but it will take a while!
    Whether in our posted pdf documents such as forms and manuals (where we can't start making changes until after was implemented) or in web pages (where our previous version of server software automatically wrote in the full old address) there are literally thousands of links to that still exist. We are working to replace these instances with and you can assist by telling us if you see places where still exists.

  3. Re-establish alerts
    If you have personal access to one or more Secure File Exchanges, please go into each applicable SFE (not all offer alerts) and set-up your alerts again. The membership database for alerts could not be carried over to the new platform and we apologize for the inconvenience in requiring you to re-establish any email alerts you might have previously had. If you set-up an alert on and find that the alert does not work (i.e. you do not receive an email message when a file applicable to you is posted to your exchange) please contact us.

    Please do not confuse alerts with any sign-ups you may have to our self-subscribing email lists. All memberships in our mass emailing lists were carried over as part of the migration and, presuming you have signed up, you will continue to receive email messages from us when there important operational updates such as rate changes or edits to support materials.

  4. Streamlined sign-up to mailing lists
    If you have access to one of our pages that allows you to subscribe to a mass-emailing list, you will notice that the only piece of information now requested is your email address. (Previously your organization name also had to be provided)

  5. Improved document control on SFEs
    We have introduced standardized purge policies on all exchanges on and, where applicable, we are also moving more SFEs to automated uploads of files right from banking system extracts. There are 40 SFEs in existence on the site. Improved efficiency and tighter control of documents within these existing sites will help us avoid undue server loads - so that we can continue to serve your demand for building more exchanges.

  6. Pending Investigation: Multiple simultaneous file uploads to SFEs
    We have activated the ability to drag and drop files from your computer/LAN right to your SFE and are investigating deploying this functionality on exchanges. If you see such a feature, feel free to use it. It is an intuitive Windows Explorer like interface so it should be pretty straightforward but if you have questions, please contact us.

  7. Pending Investigation: Workflows
    Adding automation and feedback loops throughout all steps of a business/administrative process can lead to quicker turnaround times and lower error rates. We are examining how we can serve you better by utilizing the workflow features that are inherent or otherwise available in the new server platform.

  8. Pending Investigation: Site Search
    Content on our site is powered by almost 200 distinct document stores - and when we consider SFEs collectively there are thousands more of such repositories. We are investigating ways by which we can efficiently index these data sources and provide you meaningful search results.

  9. Pending Investigation: Searching SFEs
    Filtering and sorting via column headers is standard on most SFEs. In addition, certain exchanges also employ RSS feeds and the so-called folderless views that allow you to see all content available to you without having to click into individual folders. We are looking at further extending the usability of SFEs by introducing search capability so if you see a search box in an exchange, feel free to use it.