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 2017 Empowering Recipients

Concentra is proud to announce our 2017 Empowering Your Communities campaign winners. This year, Concentra will grant two awards valued at $25,000 each, as well as 15 awards valued at $10,000 each.

Concentra is demonstrating our unwavering commitment to credit unions and the co-operative values we share. We want to partner with and support credit unions as you serve your local communities.

$25,000 Recipients

Bayview Credit Union's Children's Wish Golf Tournament (St. George, New Brunswick)

​"The Children's Wish Golf Tournament" is a yearly fundraiser that was started by our Manager, Wanda Mclean, who is also a "wish" mom. Her son Jesse was diagnosed with a rare and very aggressive cancer when he was 11 years old. Before Jesse's passing, he was granted a wish by the Children's Wish Foundation. Wanda, along with her husband, Doug, understood the importance of the wish for Jesse, and wanted to support the "wishes" of the critically ill children in their community; those that needed a break from the battery of tests, treatments and hospital stays. In 2016 there were 4 children in Charlotte County waiting for "wishes", and Bayview was only able to grant 2. The combined efforts of the Children's Wish Foundation and Children's Wish Golf Tournament have granted 42 "wishes" to date in Charlotte County. Joining forces with our community to bring this dream to fruition strengthens our ties as we work together for a common goal.

Defend Fiercely, Spend Wisely and Above All Save the Camp! (Toronto, Ontario)

​Financial literacy is a significant aspect of young teen's education. It's important to make the experience enjoyable while communicating this aspect with teens. Meridian Credit Union, along with The Learning Partnership - a national charitable organization dedicated to support, promote and advance publicly funded education - launched an app aimed at students in Grades 7 to 10 that gives them the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to make responsible financial decisions. We partnered to develop the Save the Camp app by bringing together experts in financial literacy, youth education, and game-based learning. We know that strong financial skills help set future generations up for success.

$10,000 Recipients

Quill Lake Fire Department (Quill Lake, Saskatchewan)

​Our volunteer fire department impacts every member of our community and surrounding area. They are our first line of defense for fires, accidents and health emergencies. Currently, it's a struggle to find second water sources with our existing truck, since the tank is quite small, reducing our fire-fighting capability. A bigger water tanker will provide us the capacity to help out surrounding areas where more than one fire department is required.

Caisse Populaire Outdoor Rink Accessory Building (Verner, Ontario)

​Currently, the rink in the village of Markstay does not have adequate space for changing into sports equipment. The accessory building will not only provide this required space, but also provide washroom facilities. The building will house two change rooms, each with its own washroom. The accessory building will provide a safe and dry space to either rest, change, put skates and/or hockey equipment on, or use the washroom. The building will also feature an Equipment storage area for year-round sport activities and future sport-related purchases for our community.

Boys and Girls Club of Yorkton (Yorkton, Saskatchewan)

​The Boys and Girls Club of Yorkton recently acquired 5,000 square feet of programming space where they have relocated their Middle Years program. With all programs and services under one roof, they are able to better fulfill the needs of the children, youth and families; and act as a better resource for families who have children from both the 6-12 and 13-18 age groups. This removes the barrier that the Boys and Girls once faced of having teens who wanted to attend the Teen Centre but who were unable to due to childcare responsibilities for their younger siblings/family members. In addition, this new facility space will allow for future expansions, adding on recreational services for children ages 0-5 along with their parents/guardians.

Emergency Department Expansion (Wainwright, Alberta)

​The Wainwright Health Centre requires expansion of its emergency room including new equipment. The emergency room expansion itself is being funded by Alberta Health Services, but the equipment within the expanded emergency room is being fundraised by the Health Foundation. To mitigate the space constraints within the ED, AHS will be constructing a new ambulance bay and expanding ED services including: space for an additional trauma room, examination room, equipment storage room, a quiet family room, and a conversion of an existing space for casting and day procedures.

CANsave (Langley, British Columbia)

​CANsave is an innovative program designed by Okanagan College Enactus students. Children in grades two to four learn money basics (saving and avoiding debt) through an interactive five-week program. Using pretend "Enactus bucks", students earn a wage for completing their assigned CANsave workbooks, pay weekly "desk rent" and are lured by spending temptations including games, toys, and stationary in a classroom store. Students can earn additional wages for completing bonus sheets and by demonstrating behaviours that would be viewed positively in a future workplace. The program also involves at-home parent participation to encourage meaningful financial conversations among family.

Dr. Ajai Khandelwal Primary Care Centre (Minnedosa, Manitoba)

​A local group of municipal leaders, community citizens, local doctors and credit union leaders has formed a community non-profit charitable corporation in order to construct a new primary care facility. The clinic project is estimated to cost $2.5 million to construct a 5,036 square foot building which will accommodate five physicians, a health practitioner and medical support staff. The facility will also provide temporary housing for locum and student doctors when working within our community. Our fundraising goal is $1.1 million with the balance of funds coming from our local Municipal project partners.

Save the Ice Plant - Chase Place Arena (Porcupine, Saskatchewan)

​Chase Place Arena provides the community of Porcupine a place for everyone to gather and enjoy the winter season. We're a small community, and the majority of kids in the community utilize the arena by public skating, skating with the school, minor hockey, and recreational hockey. The arena is in need of a new ice plant, which will cost $60,000 to replace. Without a new ice plant, the community of Porcupine will lose their recreational facility, and community culture.

Westlake Community Centre (Ste. Rose Du Lac, Manitoba)

​The Westlake Community Centre is the hub of the community of Eddystone, Manitoba. Over the past couple of years, three previous renovation phases have been undertaken successfully. This would be the fourth and most expensive phase. During a recent renovation at the WCC, it became apparent that there are considerable structural issues that need to be addressed. This work will cost approximately $65,000. Our support consist of funding by Manitoba Hydro to cover the cost of the insulation (approximately $9,000), and community groups such as 4H and the Westlake Ladies Auxiliary for approximately $12,000.

Carleton North Imagination Library (Centreville, New Brunswick)

​The Carleton North Imagination Library provides literacy skills to children and teaches them the importance of communication. The library supplies books to all pre-school children registered for the program. Each month until the child's 5th birthday, a carefully selected book arrives in the mail, addressed to the child. Each book is selected by a committee composed of parents, teachers, librarians, and others specializing in early childhood literacy. Special attention is given to age appropriateness and the development of self-esteem, confidence, appreciation of art, and regard for diversity. This project exemplifies the importance of education among children.

Volinspire (Abbotsford, British Columbia)

​Volinspire was born from a passion for community, and uses a unique technology to connect individuals and identify local businesses that share the same community values. Prospera is honoured to be one of the founding community partners of Volinspire, a "tech for good" Community Contribution Company. We are committed as leaders in helping to match volunteers with important causes to help build stronger and more connected communities across B.C. Volinspire is like the Facebook of volunteering; a community engagement platform that allows volunteers to create an online profile, follow organizations that are important to them, and find opportunities that allow them to contribute to their community.

Student Run Co-operative Initiative (Belleville, Ontario)

​The purpose of this project is to grant mentorship and financial support to schools to provide teachers with the resources and students with the opportunity to open and operate a co-operative business within the school environment. The objective of this Co-operative venture is three-fold. Our first goal is to give students practical experience running their own co-operative business while introducing them to an alternate business model, focusing on principles like democracy, social responsibility and community. Secondly, the business will be run as a non-profit, with a portion of the proceeds given back to the school community for school specific improvements or programs. The third objective is to provide additional funding for community programs. As a non-profit, the Co-op will donate a portion of their revenue to a local charitable organization of their choice.

Clearwater Abuse Prevention Centre: Emergency & Second Stage Shelter (Rocky Mountain House, Alberta)

​The Clearwater Abuse Prevention Centre provides safety for women and children fleeing domestic violence. In order to support those in need, we're building a new shelter that includes transitioning houses and support service offices. The building will also provide meeting rooms for educational purposes that may be accessed by community groups who need space for learning, meetings, etc. These spaces will be offered for free to other not-for-profits. This is one way that the Mountain Rose Women's Shelter Association can give back to the community.

New Integrated Health Facility (Leader, Saskatchewan)

​Our current hospital has a lot of structural issues, and several years ago a decision was made to construct a new facility and attach it to Western Senior Home in Leader. The new facility will not only provide hospital beds for the community, but also incorporate the current doctors' offices (3 doctors and a nurse practitioner), and house local ambulance all under one roof. This project is budgeted at just over $12 million to complete.

Oakville Community Hall and Day Care (Oakville, Manitoba)

​Oakville's current Community Hall was built in 1950, largely by volunteers, and has served our community well for the past seven decades. However, due to its aging structure, the costs involved to adapt the building to meet ever-increasing government regulatory requirements are becoming cost prohibitive. A decision was made in 2016 to construct a new hall and incorporate a desperately needed day care to serve the needs of our growing community. The goal is to break ground within five years. The project will consist of a 3,500 square foot facility (including a kitchen and room to accommodate forty day care spots), and cost approximately $2.5 million. Fundraising activities, such as community dinners and events, socials, sports events, and children's activities will be held over the next five years to support the cost of our initiative.

Lloydminster Interval Home New Emergency Shelter (Lloydminster, Saskatchewan)

​Since 1980, the Lloydminster Interval Home Society has provided much needed and in demand domestic violence and homelessness prevention, crisis intervention, and post-intervention services to the City of Lloydminster and 150 km surrounding area. Over the last few years, we have seen a continuously increasing number of people turned away from our shelter due to lack of shelter space.  Our Society must build a new emergency shelter to replace an existing but aging and inadequately sized emergency shelter. Our need for more shelter space and beds for victims of violence and those impacted by homelessness is great.