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New Web Address Effective Monday, March 7, 2016

Welcome to our new home on the web,!

And now that we're here, please adjust any references (i.e. browser favorites/bookmarks as well as any links in your documents or site) to the new, shorter web address. If you see a link to on our site - or anyone else's site for that matter, clicking on it will automatically taking you to the new homepage location.

If the path is deeper within say, for example:

simply take "financial" out of the path:

and you should be able to reach what you are looking for*.

In addition to the address change we have also completed a major upgrade to the server software, a task that entailed moving every file on our site - and rebuilding many of them to work in the new environment. We therefore appreciate your understanding if, in the coming days, we have to correct a few glitches that are inevitable with a content & data migration of this size. We have made every effort to ensure that, post-migration, your access to items like:

  • our corporate overview info
  • product support materials and, as applicable,
  • secure file exchange reporting
remains as trouble-free and productive as possible.


Here are some important things to keep in mind as a result of the migration:

Site Changes & Enhancements

If you notice something is not right with any component of the new site, please contact us with a description of the issue and we’ll rectify it as quickly as possible. Obviously, fixing any shortcomings that arose from the migration process is most expedient when you supply us the address of the problematic page and as much info as possible/appropriate on the nature of the problem. For example, there is a broken link, content is missing from a page, or you are lacking permissions to access a page, etc.

Otherwise, thanks for your patience during the move and welcome to!


*Effective immediately, any link to anywhere within the site (i.e. its home page or otherwise) will automatically redirect to the front page of If you are  not redirected or receive a "Server Error in '/' Application" error when clicking on a link to you will need to load the website manually in your browser window.