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NEWS RELEASE - Friday, November 8, 2019

RESOLVED: Website/phishing scam alert

It has come to our attention that someone is impersonating Concentra Bank via a fake website and phishing email. The fake website has the domain concentra.securebn[dot]com and we are working with the registrar to have it taken down immediately.

The fraudsters indicate they have created an account for the email recipient at Concentra Bank, provide a user ID, password and fake bank number, then request money to cover taxes so the recipient can transfer money to the new account.

Do not click this link. This is a fraudulent email. Our real website URL is

If you have any questions or concerns about any communication you receive from Concentra, please call our Contact Centre at 800.788.6311 to speak to one of our advisors.

Thank you for your patience while we resolve this matter.

As of November 12th, the fake Concentra website has been taken offline.